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The largest project behind the Urals focused on bakery and confectionery industry


Siberia is a vast area on the north-eastern part of Eurasia, it stretches from the Ural Mountains to the west, to the Pacific Ocean to the east, from the Arctic Ocean to the north to the Russian border with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China to the south.

Area: 12,8 million (73.5% of Russia’s total area).

Population: 30 million people (21% of Russia’s total population).

The wealth of natural resources in Siberia is unique: vast reserves of oil, gas, coal and lignite, iron ore and non-ferrous metals, rare metals, gold, diamonds, half of the wood supplies and over 70% of the Russia’s water and hydro-electrical resources are found here.

Siberia is a major industrial center, more than 25% of Russia’s industrial output is produced here. The region has a significant industrial potential in the fuel and energy sector, ferrous and nonferrous metals and mechanical engineering. The forestry and wood industry are actively developing, as well as the construction and food industry with more than 20% of the country’s agricultural output produced here .

There are more than 100 research institutes and centers, many of which are leaders in the country on some of the the most important areas of modern science and technology.

Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia, and it is considered its capital. The city is located on eastern Russia and has a population of 1.5 million habitants. Its unique geographical location has allowed it to become the transport and logistics centre of Siberia as well as its commercial and financial capital. This allowed it to create powerful industrial complexes including light industry, diversified machinery, metallurgy, food and construction.

Today Novosibirsk is tightly integrated into the Russian and world economy. Location advantages, innovation and production capacity make the city extremely adequate to do business. Here interconnect major rail, road, air and waterway routes of the continent. The city overviews the West-Siberian Railway, which is the busiest in the country. The “Tolmachevo” International Airport serves the communication between Europe and Asia.

There are three branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences located in Akademgorodok, the world-famous scientific center.

Novosibirsk Expocentre is the largest exhibition center beyond the Urals. It is a unique platform for the implementation of various projects. The opportunities of the complex and the possibility to use technological solutions permit to adapt the centre to the requirements of any event, be it exhibitions, conferences, presentations, concerts, shows, banquets or even sporting events.

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